Holiday 2020: Luxurious Sustainable Accessories from Gale & Hayes


Holiday 2020: Luxurious Sustainable Accessories from Gale & Hayes

Gale & Hayes celebrates individuality and the artisan’s touch with handcrafted products that are luxurious, sustainable, and use fine leather and premium materials.  Founded by Kimberly Nowers, the brand take great pride in minor imperfections that make each product unique.  It is the mission of Gale & Hayes to design and create products that are one-of-a-kind, innovative in design, and are driven by high-quality standards. Nowers says, “My passion lies not only in design, but our commitment to being sustainable and environmentally conscious.” Gale & Hayes products are handmade in Massachusetts, USA.

Foldover in Love – The Foldover ($148) is the perfect one-of-a-kind clutch. This unique timeless pouch can hold a wallet, phone, and keys. Transform this clutch into a crossbody by adding a detachable strap.  So stunning, you’ll be in love and not want to gift it!

Relaxed Luxe – The Backpack ($398) There’s something especially exciting about a backpack that offers luxe, style, and individuality.  Made from structured leather, it won’t lose its shape and will become more individualized as the leather is exposed to the environment in which it lives.

Wrapped in Style – The Bandana ($32) Designer’s note: super cute to wear in your hair with a bun or ponytail. Wear around your neck to add a little somethin’ to any outfit. Customize it with your initials for a personalized style.

Coolest Clutch – The Envelope Clutch ($38-$98): Genuine vegetable-tanned leather that is durable and gets better with age. (We all love that feeling!) The regular envelope can fit a plus-size phone. Mini Envelope can hold cards as well as change.

As consumers are more thoughtful about the purchases that they make, Gale & Hayes is rejoicing.  Holiday gift-givers are searching for products that have a unique focus on sustainability and environmentally conscious production methods.  Particularly when many people are spending less, the purchases that they are making are thoughtful and intended to last.  Gale & Hayes does not see this as a passing fad, but a movement.

Nowers explains, “Gift givers will want their purchases to have a positive emotional impact and be used regularly at a time when we might be using what we have less often. We understand that shoppers are looking for quality and are celebrating the individuality of the artisan.  As a brand, it has been helpful to us to use American-made vegetable-tanned leathers that are chemical-free.  It has fueled a new category of fashion that has a commitment to sourcing from local suppliers whenever possible.  This concept is about making deliberate choices, from the artisan who sources specifically selected materials to the consumer who makes the choice to purchase intentional products that will stand the test of time.”

Special note: Holiday promotions for Black Friday 2020 include: 15% off sitewide and Buy 2 Get 1 Bandana with a free custom monogram.  There will also be a new Jacket drop!