Modern Family Sofia Vergara is the highest-paid actress in the world


Modern Family Sofia Vergara is the highest-paid actress in the world

Hollywood star Sofia Vergara who shot to notoriety through Modern Family, is driving the list of Forbes’ highest-paid actresses in the world, as uncovered. With an aggregate of $43 million, Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara has topped the Forbes positioning of the highest-paid actresses in the world.

Notwithstanding, this isn’t the first time she has been regarded with the title.

Vergara, who is a Colombian-American entertainer, television maker, jokester, the moderator just as a model, was likewise esteemed the top-procuring entertainer in American television in the year 2012, 2013, and 2016.

This year, she’s trailed by any semblance of Angelina Jolie ($35 million) and Gal Gadot ($31 million) who stowed second and third on the list separately.

The 48-year-old Colombia-conceived entertainer earned $500,000 a scene for the last season of Emmy-winning Modern Family, which wrapped up not long ago.

The star was paid $500,000 per scene

Assuming the part of Gloria on ABC’s Modern Family, the star was paid $500,000 per scene.

Therefore, she was recruited as another face and judge on America Has Ability. This show is focused on paying her in any event $10 million each season, as detailed by Forbes.

Others in the list incorporate Melissa McCarthy ($25 million), Little Ladies’ Meryl Streep ($24 million), Emily Gruff ($22.5 million), The Prom’s Nicole Kidman ($22 million), Ellen Pompeo ($19 million), The Handmaid’s Story Elisabeth Greenery ($16 million) and Viola Davis ($15.5 million) – who made it to the list unexpectedly with her part as Annalise Keating in the mainstream arrangement How To Pull off Homicide.

Forbes assessed she would gain “at any rate $10 million each season” for AGT, one of the most famous reality rivalry shows in the US.

The COVID pandemic incapacitated Hollywood

The COVID pandemic incapacitated Hollywood, compelling teams to stop creating and covering cinemas, so some enormous spending films have been postponed.

Many film stars additionally bring in cash by acquiring a portion of the benefits — which means if motion pictures are not delivered in theaters, their salary plunges.

In any case, Oscar champ Angelina Jolie was in runner up on the Forbes list at $35 million.

However, actresses who make the majority of their cash from television and additionally real-time features made up the main part of the list.

Miracle Lady star Gal Gadot came in third at $31 million, yet she made a lump of her cash from the Netflix film Red Notification.

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Dark’s Life structures lead Ellen Pompeo was eighth at $19 million, and The Handmaid’s Story star Elisabeth Greenery came in ninth at $16 million.

Another Oscar victor, Viola Davis, made her first appearance on the top ten lists.

The How To Pull off Homicide star — who will before long lead in Netflix’s transformation of the August Wilson play Mama Rainey’s Dark Base — came in tenth at $15.5 million.

Indeed, even the admired Meryl Streep (fifth spot) made a large portion of her salary in the previous year from either film for real-time features or television jobs.

Altogether, the best ten paid actresses in the world in 2020 earned $254 million in the year, paving the way to June, Forbes said. That was down 20% from a year ago.

The best ten highest-paid entertainers made almost twofold so much — nearly $550 million — in a similar period. A month ago’s the list for the men was beaten by Dwayne “The Stone” Johnson at $87.5 million.